I love films that are ahead of their time. Cloud Atlas, on every level, is ahead of its time. And that’s precisely the reason that most people will pan it and easily dismiss it.

From the acting, the directing, the makeup, the music, and even the sets themselves - the film goes above and beyond in the art of telling a story. It’s long, daunting, and might even be able to be described as a “clusterfuck”, for lack of a better word, but my goodness is it fantastic. Maybe I’m biased, as I think the Wachowski siblings are visionaries. Maybe I’m just completely over my head. Either way, once the credits roll there are more thoughts than answers swirling around in your head, and you might never be able to get them out. 

That feeling of being able to interpret all 172 minutes of Cloud Atlas, all the way down to being able to dissect each of the six fascinating narratives, is a feeling that films rarely let you experience, but this one does with such grace and poise.

Most, if not all, the people that read this will see the movie and instantly pan it or come up with some bullshit, half-assed reason why it “sucks” or is a “waste of time”. I may not fully appreciate this film until months from now, but as of right now it has already earned extremely high marks with me. I’ll be watching it a second time and I’m already looking forward to that viewing. Thanks to the Wachowski’s for another fantastic experience. Thank you.

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