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Weatherbox - “Flies In All Directions”

Thanks to K!


Some portraits I’ve done recently of friends. See better, high-res versions over at my Flickr.

Anonymous: weatherbox isn't out yet. that's why I haven't listened

Are you sure?

Anonymous: Sweet theme and pics!

Thank you, thank you!






Title Fight crowd at Coachella (via Grimy Goods)





Six of the best records so far this year. Why haven’t you listened to all of them yet?

Congrats to the fantastic Foxing for their signing announcement with Triple Crowd Records.. Can’t wait for the remastered version of the phenomenal The Albatross.

Still in shock from receiving the best letter ever. I am so extremely excited to announce I have been accepted to CSLUB’s Linguistics program for pursuit of a MA degree in Linguistics with a certificate in TESOL for Fall 2014. This is a huge, huge step for me and I’m so honored to be given the opportunity.

I am so excited for what’s next…

Quite often my close friends ask me, “What’s your favorite record?” and I always immediately reply with, “Dig Up The Dead”. I missed out on the first pressing and there are times when that fact really bums me out, seeing as how that record alone was what got me through 2011 and 2012.

But now, thanks to the gentlemen at #cliftonmotel and the band @mansions themselves, I’m now the proud owner of a second pressing. This album changed my life in every way imaginable and has had an immeasurable lasting effect on me, even to this day. Now excuse me, I have some songs to… sing-along to.

Tiny Moving Parts - “Dakota” (Live at Little Elephant)

For all my friends wanting new music, check these guys out. They put out one of the most underrated records of a couple years ago, and are about to put out their next LP. Check this out.

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